A Review on Business Intelligence and Big Data

Erkan Sirin, Hacer Karacan
  • Hacer Karacan
    Gazi University, Turkey


Improvement of data generating, processing, storing and networking technologies has made storing, capturing and sharing of data easier and cheaper than before and has enabled organizations to handle huge volume of data at high velocity and variety, named as big data. Big data offers many opportunities when the associated difficulties are addressed properly. Business Intelligence (BI) basically focuses on transforming raw data into usable, valuable and actionable information for decision-making. It can be classified as a kind of data-driven decision support system. Although big data related papers have increased for last fifteen years, there are not sufficient papers that directly overviews big data impact on BI. As data is growing exponentially, storage, process and analytics tools and technologies become more important for BI solutions. With the advent of big data, BI’s concept, architecture and capabilities are meant to be changed. Unlike a decades before, BI now is to be extract value from huge data ocean by using big data tools as well as classical ones. So, an interclusion has emerged between big data and BI. This paper overviews the current state of the art of BI and big data, and discuss how big data era affects BI solutions in general context.


Big Data; Business Intelligence; Data Mining; Machine Learning

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Submitted: 2017-04-25 21:33:27
Published: 2017-12-12 13:20:45
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